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Powering Global Payments

Empowering your global payments journey, Instant liquidity when & where you need it

We Make Liquidity Easy


Experience instant liquidity with our seamless platform. We prioritize speed, ensuring funds are available precisely when you need them


Our intuitive platform streamlines the liquidity process, enabling effortless navigation through a user-friendly interface. Manage your liquidity needs with ease


Connected to global payment rails, our integrated platform eliminates the need for extra tech integration, ensuring easy access to liquidity whenever and wherever you need it

Empowering Global Payments

Deep Liquidity

Access deep liquidity precisely when you need it, on your terms, anytime


Seamlessly manage everything through our user-friendly dashboard - no tech integration required

Simple Pricing

Transparent fixed-rate pricing with zero hidden fees


Instant liquidity, flexible repayments - only pay for what you use


Make full or partial repayments at anytime, with no extra costs

Globally Connected
Liquidity Engine

Our Globally Connected Liquidity Engine offers instant access to liquidity for global payments, empowering swift and seamless cross-border payment flows. Eliminating the need for pre-funding, it streamlines your financial operations for greater efficiency and flexibility

+100 countries

Our global reach enables us to meet
your global payment needs anywhere

+45 currencies

Liquidity for global payments
settled in +45 local currencies

at core


Our engine is powered by smart contracts, providing benefits such as immutability, transparency, and cryptographic signing patterns

Data Protection

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of data integrity through responsible and transparent practices, fostering trust in every aspect of our operations

Transaction Monitoring

Our cutting edge Machine Learning models track transactions and enables use to better understand patterns, velocity, trajectory and seasonality in fund flows


We ensure regulatory integrity with multilayered AML, designed to restrict illicit activities and ensure a secure and compliant flow of liquidity

Break Free from Traditional Constraints

Global payments via SWIFT rely on an antiquated pre-funding model; they are slow & expensive. We obsess over making liquidity easier, providing access when & where you need it
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Liquidity Made Easy

Making liquidity for global payments easy is our commitment to you
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